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Signs of prematurely aged skin appear as loss of skin tone, fine lines, dehydration, poor skin colour and elasticity. Unique equipment has been designed to target cell turnover, hydration and collagen production. One of the specific technologies uses fractional radio frequency and dermal skin needling in the one hand piece. These two modalities harnessed together produce an exceptional improvement in the skin within a month and lasting up to 5 years.

Treating a range of skin concerns including:
•    Skin Tightening
•    Contouring of Jaw Line
•    Wrinkles and Lines
•    Rejuvenation
•    Scarring/Acne Scarring
•    Tightening of Pores
•    Skin Renewal
•    Fine Lines and Laxity around Eyes


How it works?

By creating heat within the superficial layers of the skin, Fractional RF carefully causes old collagen and elastin fibres to break down in a controlled manner, while a micro-needling dermal stamp stimulates cell regeneration to repair the skin. As new collagen is stimulated, the skin becomes healthier, firmer and refined, resulting in a more even skin texture and visible reduction in of scars.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend on the condition of the skin to be treated. On average 2-4 treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart.

Results can be seen immediately but optimal results are seen 2-6 months later.
How long will the results last?

This will depend on the client’s skin condition and lifestyle, but typically the results will last for 3-5 years

Is there any down time?

The skin will be pink but this will only last a few hours. The following day skin may be slightly sensitive but at this stage makeup can be applied, so no need for time off work or activities.

How much does this treatment cost?

Packages can be organised to suit your needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.


Skin tightening around the neck using Fractional RF. Results can be seen after 5 weekly sessions.

Neck & Decolletage (Single Price) Recommended 4 to 6 Treatment


Neck & Decolletage (30% Off)

Recommend 4 to 6 treatment


Stomach (Single Price)

Recommend 4 to 6 Treatment


Stomach (30% Off)

Recommend 4 to 6 treatment


Back of the 1/2 Legs & Bottom 4 x Session


Decolagem + Neck 4 x Session