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Cosmetic Tattoos

Using the latest laser technology results in less painful treatment sessions for clients while still providing effective results. Unlike less advanced machines, the Uni Tatt provides long-term results from each treatment session. While specialised machines, the Uni Tatt is able to treat a range of other conditions apart from tattoo removal.


Conditions include coloured pigments and cosmetic tattoos, from red and brown to black and blue pigmentation.

Using the latest safety features ensures that both your operators and – importantly – your clients, are protected from harm. It also protects the specialised equipment from shorting or overheating.


Epidermal pigmentation including body tattoos, eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos.

Dermal pigmentation with red and brown birthmarks.

Blue and green pigmentation.


Free Tattoo Removal Consultation and Test Patch

Approximate Tattoo Dimensions